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Antivirus software is also known as anti-malware, which is a computer program used to protect, detect, and remove malwares , adwares , trojn worms , junk files , cookis from the computer .Antivirus software help to keep our computer secure and safe from those malicious programs that may harm our computer and any online activity that we do on the computer like online banking , social websites it helps to keep our personal information safe and secure .

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  1. Antivirus gives notification regarding the current ‘health’ of computer.
  2. Antivirus program scan all kinds of suspicious and malicious files, programs that may cause any threat or damage to the computer and remove them instantly from the device.
  3. Antivirus allows us to initiate a scan a particular file or your entire computer at any time.
  4. Antivirus runs all the time on computer in background and looks for activity which might have been caused by a virus and if any threats are detected.
  5. Antivirus maintains the good and safe health of the computer.

We have a team of expertise who deals with different kind of problems on your computer like virus removal , cleaning and optimizing the computer. We also deals with all kind of security software related issues.

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